Sunday, June 28, 2009


Keputusan Squash SUKNES 2009 (Lelaki)

Keputusan Squash SUKNES 2009 (Perempuan)

Urusetia sedang membuat persediaan sebelum pertandingan dimulakan.

Para pemain sedang menyaksikan perlawanan yang sedang berlangsung sambil menunggu giliran untuk turun gelanggang.

Lady~~ Semi Final~~~

Final two~~~~ dua jejaka yang tampan~~~ :P

Penyaksian perlawanan 'final' lelaki yang amat sengit.

Pemenang Pasukan Lelaki (Seremban).

Laman Web Persatuan Skuasy Negeri Sembilan Darul Khusus

From the desk of WebMaster

Laman web Persatuan Skuasy Negeri Sembilan ini didirikan untuk bertujuan memaparkan maklumat persatuan, menyampaikan matlamat dan perkembangan terkini persatuan, membawa kepada anda aturcara dan aktiviti-aktiviti persatuan yang terkini, serta menjalinkan perhubungan rapat antara persatuan dengan ahli-ahli dan peminat-peminat skuasy di Negeri Sembilan.

Sebarang maklumat, cadangan, teguran dan komen anda kepada laman web ini amat dialu-alukan, sila kemukakan pendapat anda melalui emel kepada nssquash at(@)

Terima kasih.

"Majulah Sukan Skuasy Untuk Negeri Sembilan dan Negara Kita, Malaysia."

NS Squash WebMaster
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The Negeri Sembilan Squash Association website is created for the purpose of providing information about the association, our goals and the latest updates, happenings and upcoming activities. We strive to strengthen ties amongst all Association members and squash fans in Negeri Sembilan.

We appreciate any form of suggestions and comments regarding this website. Please e-mail us your views at nssquash at(@)

Thank you.

""Excellence for Squash in Negeri Sembilan and Malaysia."

NS Squash WebMaster
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Feedback / Suggestion from Readers:-

Suggestions from Madam Manimegalai Valithippan:-
1. Would it be an idea to include the PSNS events annual calender? Update the calendar as the events are confirmed? This will help us, PSNS members to be more aware of upcoming events, plan, and get our children to be more prepared for it, should they be eligible to participate.

2. Include information on all on-going and up-coming activities for all squash players and the parents as well, such as regular, fitness training etc.

3. What about creating a database of all squash players from state of NS - from Sban, PD, Kpilah, Nilai, Jelebu etc.? Boys and Girls aged U9 to U17, identified by their schools as well. This will help regular players from not being left out of inter-state tournaments.

4. Share the ranking of all NS players by age category for Boys & Girls in the website. If PSNS or other sports clubs can organise inter-district tournaments on a quarterly basis, it will be even more challenging for our players as they vie to better their ranking.

5. Share the names of squash coaches and their contact numbers, who are available, to train our children.

Replied from our Chairman, dated 1 September 2009:-
Hi, Please thank Mrs Mani for her excellent suggestions and for taking the time to enhance NS image through squash. It shows how dedicated mothers are in giving continuous support to their children Let us all celebrate this and encourage universal support by mothers all the more. Champions always result from prayers of their mothers.
You keep up the good work too.
Hood Salleh

Chairman of PSNS


Blog's Agenda "TO DO":-

1. About Persatuan Skuasy Negeri Sembilan

2. Introduction to Squash Courts available in Negeri Sembilan.
(type of court, charges, location, operation time, photo, location map, contact number for booking, etc) --> any member/reader have the infor, pls email to me. TQ.

3. Introduction to our Coaches
(I need approval from the Coaches before public their contact number or schedule) --> or, if you are one of the Coache for Squash in NSDK, kindly email me your informations. TQ.